About PositiveVibes T.O

BLACK-FOCUSED: PositiveVibes T.O recognizes that Black groups and communities experience specific and complex issues that are different from other racialized groups. Our organization prioritizes the development and implementation of services towards Black communities.

PositiveVibes T.O is a youth-led organization that focuses on educating, empowering and supporting Black and other racialized communities. We bring awareness to issues faced by Black and racialized communities and empower change as well as make contributions to the efforts of these communities and encourage success. Our platform acknowledges the importance of performing arts and incorporates arts within our services. Lastly, we bring communities together through events and provide a platform where youth and young adults can showcase their talents and voices in a safe, positive and supportive environment.



Our organization has two main focuses:

1. Services targeted to issues identified within Black communities

2. Performing Arts within Black and other racialized communities


1. Services targeted to issues within Black Communities

  • To bring awareness to and address the issues faced by Black communities

  • To support and make contributions to the efforts of Black groups and encourage success

  • To empower through knowledge and education 

  • To offer youth a safe space*

  • To offer youth a platform for self-expression 

  • To provide guidance and mentorship to youth

  • To support Black youth understand the contribution by Blacks towards society and feel a sense of pride and honour to be Black.

2.Performing Arts within Black and other racialized Communities

  • To remove the stigmatization of arts as a career within Black and racialized communities

  • To support the voices and talents of Black and racialized youth

  • To offer youth a platform to showcase their talents

  • To connect talented youth to opportunities within the music industry

  • To provide guidance and support for Black and racialized artists

  • To empower Black and racialized youth through arts by encouraging self-expression 


About Sounds From The 6ix

Sounds From the 6ix is our annual summer kick-off event that highlights the art, urban culture and narrative of local artists within the GTA.  From spoken word to hip-hop and afrobeats, Sounds From The 6ix brings various types of genres and performing arts to the stage! We give artists opportunities to display their talents in front of a large audience, broaden their fan base, network and meet new people. Sounds From the 6ix provides an experience that fuses community and entertainment. We prioritize supporting the voices of racialized individuals and use this platform to promote community involvement and social inclusion.


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