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Understanding Toronto Slang

Updated: Apr 2, 2018

Toronto is a community with its own unique culture and its own language! You may have visited Toronto and heard people use slang and think to yourself, "What the heck are they saying?" Well wonder no more. Wether you are visiting or live in the city here are a list of 31 slang words that you've definitely heard Torontonians say.

Also, check out the video below to watch myself and three friends play "Understanding Toronto Slang" in a competitive Game!

1. Ahlie:

Used to replace the expression: "right?"

Example: "That guy is cute, ahlie?"

2. Dun kno:

Confirmatory statement.
Another way of saying "you already know"

Example: "You coming to the party fam?"

"yeah, i'll reach"

"Dun kno"

3. Come thru:

Come over, come chill

Example: "We're all going to get wings right now, you should come thru."

4. Cyattie :

Used to describe a woman who is ratchet

Example: "I don't talk to that girl, she's a cyattie."

5. Fom:

Means "family"
Used to express a close relationship or bond

Example: "Fom, you have to come to the family reunion"

6: From Time:

Another way to say " from a long time ago".

Example: "I've been seeing her from time."

7. Finna:

Means "Going to" , "Intending to"

Example: She finna eat all that mac and cheese.

8. Mossin’:


Example:"What are you doing fom?"

"Just here, mossin'

9. Greezy :

Something that is good, wicked

Example: "That party sounds greezy, ahile?"

10. Kawal:

To trick or deceive

Example: "She kawaled me into getting all these shoes."

11. Link up:

To connect

Example: "Let's link up next week"

12. Lifemosh:

Life sucks,

Example: "I fell off the bus in front of everyone then got hit with a bike"

"Lifemosh, Fom."

13. Lit:


Example: "That party last night was lit."

14. Mandem:

Used to describe a group of males or male friends

Example: "I bout to go chill with the mandem at STC."

15. Nize it:

Be quiet, Shut up.

Example: Why you lying? Nize it.

16. Sus:


Example: Mans was acting jus all night.

17. Story up:

Seeing through someone’s bluff

Example:" Tell me what really happened Fom, Story up"

18. Say word:

Used when presented with a shocking or unbelievable statement

Example: "Say word you know my sister."

19. Say Walahi:

Swear to God

Example: Say wallah you were on Degrassi.

20. Sweeterman:

An attractive man

Example: Did you see that guy in the back of a bus, he's a sweeterman, ahlie?

21. Szeen:

A confirmatory statement to express that something is or has been understood.

Example: No one is coming this way, szeen?

22. Tun up:

Get turnt up,

Example: " I hope you're ready, we gonna tun up tonight."

23. Top Left:

Telling the truth

"I saw Drake at the Eaton Centre"

"Stop lying"

"Top Left Fom."

24. Waste Yute:

A person you don’t like

Example: Your boyfriend's a waste yute.

25. Don’t cheese me:

Don't upset me
Don't make me mad/angry

Example: I just failed my test, don't cheese me fom.

26. Are your frost?

Are you


27. You’re so bait Dag

You're being obvious

Example: Stop looking at him, you're so bait.

28. That’s how you’re moving, tru

That's how you're acting?

Example: You're talking to my ex, that's how you're moving? tru.

29. It’s a beef ting


Example: Mans just disrespected my mother, it's a beef ting.

30. Your Man is moving wossy:

Your friend is moving slimy

Example: I don't trust that guy. Your man is moving bossy.

31. Mans are marved

A way to express your hunger

Example: I haven't eaten all day, mans are marved.


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